Keep Your Child With Food Allergies Safe At A New Daycare

24 March 2015
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Worrying about your child is a natural part of being a parent. When your child has mild to severe food allergies, you worry even more, particularly when it comes to sending your child to a new daycare like A Child's View Learning Centre Ltd day care. While you work hard to ensure your child doesn't come in contact with any of their trigger foods, there's always the concern that their caregiver at school won't be as diligent. There are things you can do to safeguard your child and restore your confidence.

Advertise the News

Make certain you are making your child's food allergies well known at the new childcare facility. Don't wait for someone to ask you as there is always the possibility this topic could be overlooked. During your initial meeting with the director or counselor, make it known.

Once your child is enrolled and you're touring the facility, make it known to each instructor that will be working with your child. The idea is that the more people that are aware of your child's condition, the safer your child will be. While you don't necessarily have to use a bullhorn, make certain you are advertising it.

Spell out the Condition

In addition to advertising the news, make certain you are spelling out your child's specific allergies and what to do in the event of a reaction. Every child doesn't produce the same allergic reaction to a particular food. Take two children who suffer from peanut allergies: one might break out in itchy hives and the other child might swell. Providing the daycare with this information helps them to know what to look for. It might even be helpful to have your child's pediatrician or their allergist prepare a letter that offers helpful tips on precautions and treatment methods to keep your child safe.

Educate your Child

It's also important to educate your child, even if you feel like your child is too young to understand. Before sending your child off to school, remind them of the foods that they shouldn't eat as well as the type of reaction they could experience if they do come in contact with it.

Inform your child that it doesn't matter if it's one of their classmates or their teacher that is offering it to them, don't eat it and inform their teacher right away that they can't have it. If you drill this information into your child, they won't forget.

Keeping your child safe involves a joint effort between you and your child's daycare. Ensure you are providing the school with all the details they need to keep your child safe.