Three Factors To Consider When Choosing A Daycare For Your Infant

26 March 2015
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Heading back to work after having a newborn can be very difficult. After you have been able to be with your baby day in and day out for a few weeks, having someone else care for them while you are at work will not be easy, but it must be done. If you need to go back to work in the near future, you need to find a daycare for your little one as soon as possible. Finding the perfect daycare will take a little bit of work on your part though. Learn how to find the right daycare for your child with the following guide.

Inspection Ratings

When you send your child to a daycare, you want to be sure that it is a safe and clean environment. All daycares must pass certain inspections in order to keep their doors open. When looking for a daycare for your child, you need to be sure that you ask to see the inspection approval for the daycare before signing your child up to stay there. Read the inspection very carefully to make sure that every factor you consider to be important was thoroughly checked.

Proper Training

There are times when babies can have seizures, stop breathing, or choke when they start eating small foods. You want to be sure you send your child to a daycare where the workers know how to do first aid on infants. Ask to see the certifications for every person that will be caring for your child. If the daycare cannot provide you with evidence that the staff has been properly trained in infant first aid practices, you should not send your child to that daycare.

Educational Development

When your child is at the daycare, you want to be sure that they are able to get the love and attention they need to properly develop and grow. Ask if the workers read books to the children or play learning games with them. You want your child to be able to interact with people and not just lay in a crib all day long.

Use all of the information that you have gathered to make a decision on which daycare you think is the best option for your child. Remember that your child will be too small to tell you if anything goes wrong throughout the day. You need to be sure that you send him or her to be with someone that you feel most comfortable with and whom has a proven track record for being a consistently wonderful caregiver.   (For more information, contact Cedarbrae Childcare or another facility)