Heading Back To Work? How To Transition Your Baby To A Childcare Setting

25 April 2023
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If you're heading back to work after having a baby, it's time to plan for childcare. Preparing a baby for childcare takes some careful planning, especially if you want to ensure a smooth transition. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prepare for childcare. Read the list below for some steps to ease the transition into childcare for your baby. 

Get Started on a Sleep Schedule

If your baby isn't on a sleep schedule, now's the time to work on that. Your baby will have an easier time in the childcare setting if they're on a regular sleep schedule. That's especially true where nap time is concerned. But, a good sleep schedule can take the stress out of morning prep time. If your baby hasn't gotten on a solid sleep schedule by the time childcare starts, be sure to let your childcare provider know. They can help get your baby on a good nap schedule. 

Consider Your Feeding Method

If you're getting your baby ready for childcare, it's time to consider your feeding method. If your baby has transitioned to formula, make sure you stock up on their preferred brand. That way, you have plenty to bring to the daycare center. If your baby is breastfed, you'll want to increase your pumping schedule. Breast milk storage will ensure that you have enough of a supply to bring to the daycare center each day. If you haven't started your baby on a bottle yet, be sure to do that right away. That way, there's less stress on your baby once they go to daycare. 

Practice a Separation Schedule

If you haven't left your baby with a sitter yet, don't wait until the last minute. Spending time away from your baby is a good way to prepare for childcare. Spending some time away helps your baby adjust to the separation. It also gives you time to learn tricks that make the separation go smoother. Before you drop your baby off at the daycare center for the first time, schedule some time away. It's OK to start slow. You can leave your baby with a sitter for a few hours at a time. It's also a good idea to schedule a practice day with the daycare center. 

Now that you're going back into the workforce, you want the childcare transition to go smoothly. The tips provided here can help you achieve the smooth transition you want.